Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spell Obama

This blog is about words - the things people say, write, sing - and how hilarious they can sometimes be once you shine the light of humour on them. One of the funniest things about one of the most significant words in world culture and consciousness today, as it will probably be for generations, is the word "Obama". It's funny because every time, and in any program that I type that word into (Word, Yahoo, and right here in Blogger) it is still highlighted as a misspelt word. McCain, Palin  Baiden also appear as incorrect. But then again Roosevelt, Mussolini and Tutu don't get flagged. So, our high-tech communication tools can learn. Can someone call someone and have them correct this. Funny?

Monday, November 3, 2008

News and frequent flyer miles

I'm in NYC. I'm here to get a life, or even get away from it. And to get closer to this historic moment. Either way blogging was going to be counter productive. Of course I thought I would be exempt from the laughable lyrics of T&T. NOPE. I was on the phone with a friend, born in Wisconsin and living in NY, he told me to go to channel 25. Boom! Shelly Dass. CNC3 news, T&T. Tuned in right at the top of the news when they were doing the daily body count, replete with images of the bodies being looked at and hauled about by the hapless public servants who remove them from the crime scene. All the warm comforts of home right here in cold NYC. You know what else? I don't feel any closer to the Elections that when I was back home. I'm actually watching the same TV and the having the same conversations with Americans that I did with people at home. Media is reducing the circumference of our world. We're slimming down.

QUE: Should our news people watch how they tailor the news - a little nip and tuck, just because the whole world watching now? 

Other than that, NYC is brilliant... and cold.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pubic Hair is public

About ten days ago I was being interviewed on Gayelle by Dennis McCommie. The subject was the upcoming NDDCI dance season at the Queen's Hall. It went OK and was helpful in promoting the show. The kind of publicity that we struggle for and we're glad we got this opportuity. But the thing that stands out most about the interview was the beginning of it. As we came out of the break and the camera kids were counting us back in, Dennis was hurridly trying to get rid of the piece of gum he'd been tangling with during the break. Talk show talking can make any mouth dry. He just barely got it out and stuck inconspicuously on a tray on the desk. Caught by our audience, he explained his predicament. He also shared that he just only then noticed a pubic hair on the now discarded piece of gum. "Can you say that on air, in the morning", I quipped. He explained that as long as it wasn't my pubic hair. I continued the joke and referred to Justice Clarence Thomas in the first Sexual Harrassment trial ever. Inerestingly Dennis had found himself in a similar trial and left T&TEC amid similar allegations. LOLTT

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oil is Sexy

Of course it is. But don't use it on the latex or rubber paraphenalia you might need in case of sex. Oil is indeed sexy. Minister Conrad Enill was so right, and God bless him, 'cause there's nothing quite as sexy as an oiled up gluteus maximus glistening in the full moonlight at a locale where you're likely to get caught. As Energy Ministers know, oil can cause men to make asses of themselves. It can also make many asses look better than they really is.

"Oil is Sexy" a quote from Energy Minister Conrad Enill. Newsday Wed Oct 22,2008.


Port of Spain is clearly the bi-lingual capital of the world. Can anyone tell me if they've ever seen bi-lingual street signs anywhere else. It's really special. What was the intention of these municipal markers? I wonder who got the job to translate. Edward Street to Calle Edward. Precious. For me there is a bigger and even more fundamental identity issue to be addressed. Is it Port of Spain or Port-of-Spain. Dash or no dash?

Utter Rubbish

LOLTT's inaugural dose of hilarity and outright word abuse comes courtesy the Finance Minister Tesheira on the World financial crisis and its impact on us here in T&T. Comedy is Central.

"...and you can be assured that this government will respond, if necessary, in an appropriate manner consistent with the stated policy of prudent and fiscally responsible management of the nation's resources."



LOLTT (Lyrics of Our Lives. I had to add NOW because I did some schupidness when I was creating this blog).

This is about cultivating the ridiculously high sense of humour we will need to cultivate for survival in modern Trinidad & Tobago, the centre of the known universe. LOLTT is about the lyrics - the words - uttered, printed, posted, advertised and/or denied by the celebs, politicians, artists and advertisers or anyone who abuses lyrics. And LOLTT is, most of all, why we think its all so profoundly funny.LOL.