Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spell Obama

This blog is about words - the things people say, write, sing - and how hilarious they can sometimes be once you shine the light of humour on them. One of the funniest things about one of the most significant words in world culture and consciousness today, as it will probably be for generations, is the word "Obama". It's funny because every time, and in any program that I type that word into (Word, Yahoo, and right here in Blogger) it is still highlighted as a misspelt word. McCain, Palin  Baiden also appear as incorrect. But then again Roosevelt, Mussolini and Tutu don't get flagged. So, our high-tech communication tools can learn. Can someone call someone and have them correct this. Funny?


Passion Fruit said...

Let's spell "Black" while we're at it.

On a forum I frequent, some lady asks, "Why do they keep calling him black?". This is after he wins the election.
He was Black enough before the election to get death threats. He was Black enough that neo-nazis wanted him dead. But, now that he's your president, you don't see him as "fully black" anymore; "his mother's white!". As if that shit mattered before.
If he were some gunta, if he robbed banks, if he killed, he'd be "an African American male". But right now he's "America's "not fully black" president".

Confused much?

LOLTT said...

PLUS + they (non-African descent people, or people or people who identify as anything that diminishes their genetic or ethnic connection to Afro ), they never do call him white, do they. I think one of the interesting questions that his presidency raises would be "how can it be politically correct to call someone "black" if s/he is half white/black. Why is s/he never called "white". Introducing Barack Obama, the 44th white president of the USA.

Andre Bagoo said...

Yeah, you'd think by now they'd update these things so that 'Obama' will be a recognised word