Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oil is Sexy

Of course it is. But don't use it on the latex or rubber paraphenalia you might need in case of sex. Oil is indeed sexy. Minister Conrad Enill was so right, and God bless him, 'cause there's nothing quite as sexy as an oiled up gluteus maximus glistening in the full moonlight at a locale where you're likely to get caught. As Energy Ministers know, oil can cause men to make asses of themselves. It can also make many asses look better than they really is.

"Oil is Sexy" a quote from Energy Minister Conrad Enill. Newsday Wed Oct 22,2008.


Tracy said...

golden brown - oh wait... oil is black oh well

Tracy said...

i find that i must agree. oil DOES have its benefits.

take castor oil for example.... good oil eh. good oil.

Brianna McCarthy said...

Is ah grease down better than ah oil down?