Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Utter Rubbish

LOLTT's inaugural dose of hilarity and outright word abuse comes courtesy the Finance Minister Tesheira on the World financial crisis and its impact on us here in T&T. Comedy is Central.

"...and you can be assured that this government will respond, if necessary, in an appropriate manner consistent with the stated policy of prudent and fiscally responsible management of the nation's resources."



Tracy said...

You're forgetting.... Oil is Sexy as told by Snr. Conrad Enil in today's Trinidad Newsday [22:10:12]

Ayodhya said...

friday night should generate more than sufficient material for commentary.

*requisite lol*

Brianna McCarthy said...

Unable to blind us with brilliance, she attempts to baffle us with bullshit. Ah love it.